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CLEARANCE: LEUPOLD RXB-IV Laser Rangefinding Binoculars, Black (63325) - 5 LEFT ($659)

This is a clearance item.  Leupold has discontinued this model and we are clearing them out.


TheLEUPOLD RXB-IV Laser Rangefinding Binoculars, Black (63325) feature 9x magnification with digital laser rangefinder capability and the ability to measure the True Ballistic Range to your target. No other optical tool gives you the combination of performance and features you'll find in the RXB-IV.

The RXB-IV is the first binocular/digital laser rangefinder that delivers more than the straight-line distance to the target. Leupold's exclusive True Ballistic Range technology gives you a much more ballistically accurate measurement, for greater precision in long-range shooting. It provides accurate aiming information matched to the performance of your rifle or bow.

The RXB-IV has three True Ballistic Range readouts for rifle shooters: MOA - the minutes of angle of elevation to adjust your riflescope for precise zero; HOLD - the number of inches or centimeters to hold over or under aim point on target; BAS - the equivalent horizontal range for which you should hold for use with your bullet's ballistics.

Another customizable feature of your Laser Range Finding Binocular is the Match 13 Reticle System. Choose from longtime favorites and unique offerings, tailoring your reticle to terrain and game you're hunting. You will always have fast access to each of the 13 reticles, so you always have the right reticle for any situation. Each of the reticles is available with the Leupold Plus Point, for added level of accuracy in pinpointing a target.

These Rangefinding Binoculars have a battery power indicator for easy battery-level checks, and they use a common CR2 lithium camera battery (included), which is easy to change in the field. They include two Alumina BXL optimizers to improve contrast in difficult light, and the objective lenses are threaded to accept other Alumina accessories.

Several accessories are also included with the RXB-IV: the useful carrying case features a bungee/hook closure for silent operation in the field, a battery, a dog clip for attaching to your pack, and an internal pocket for carrying batteries, instructions and other items. Finally, the RXB-IV includes a lanyard and tripod thread for steady mounting and accurate target shots.

The RXB-IV Laser Rangefinding Binoculars are warranted by the Leupold Green Ring Electronics Warranty, and are protected from defects in materials and workmanship for Two Years from the date of purchase.