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It seams like everyone here is showing off their animals from the last couple of years but I haven't seen any birds. 

Well, here are a couple.  I had a hard time trying to decide of weather to eat them or get them mounted but since I have been saying that I wanted a mount done with a couple of them for so long and these were two exceptionaly large chuckers I made the decision to get them mounted. 

By the way my taxidermest in Utah said that they were delicious.  I was going to hit him but decided against it. 


Chuck I.jpg
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Very nice !

They turned out great and a wonderful looking piece ! Thumbs up

I would have hit him !! angry Evil!


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Great looking mount and I

Great looking mount and I understand your delema about eating them as they taste great.

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That is a beautiful mount.  Thanks for sharing!

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Those are so cool!!! I am still waiting on a couple Roosters!!! Both are old long spur and tail birds!!!! I can't wait!!!!! When I get the chance to tailgate at the Bronco games, I have all the wild game on the spit!!! Elk, Whitetail, Quail, Pheasant, Chukar. Sometimes even some Gator and Wild Turkey in a Green chile mix!!! Can't tell you who won!!!! LOL!!!!!