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chokes and buckshot

Good Morning Everyone,
I've been deer hunting for years and am going to try hunting on buckshot only land and I have a couple of questions.

What choke would you recommend for OO buckshot? I will be hunting with a Benellie Nova (pump) if that makes a difference.

I assume the range is around 40-60 yards max?

I assume patterning is the same for turkey patterning and dove patterning?

Thanks in advance for you help.

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chokes and buckshot

First let me just say that I've never hunted with 00 buck shot, but have kept it for home protection and fired this stuff only at a shooting range.

With that said, it has always been my understanding that a wider open choke should be used with larger shot. Improved Cylinder, but that's what I've used for home protection, not hunting applications. Keep in mind that hunting deer with buck shot is normally done at close range anyway from what I understand. Perhaps someone here has a better more precise answer for hunting applications with 00 buck shot.

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chokes and buckshot

Cly bore, imp. cly or modified. Pattern all and see what best. While 00 can be very effective I found that the deer don't bleed real well for tracking (if needed). Know your range limits and sick to them. Best of luck.

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chokes and buckshot

I had to fire the 870 Remingtons with the 18 inch cylinder bore barrels and 000 Buck yearly at the range and always thought that 35 -40 yards would be my comfort level for deer.
No legal season for buckshot hunting in my Province, so I have no actual experience hunting with it.

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chokes and buckshot

Try the "Patternmaster" choke for your shotgun. Impressive downrange performance for the buckshot loads. Tight patterns. I have one on my SBE and it performs great for coyotes out to 100 yards with #4 buck. Just a thought.

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