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Central Arkansas Hunting

Im thinking of moving to the Little Rock area and was wondering how the hunting is close to that area. Is there public land available? Where is the closest hunting spots to Little Rock or Cabot area?
Thanks in advance! Big smile

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Central Arkansas Hunting

Well kdc
Im glad your interested in hunting/moving to Arkansas. I live in Arkansas and there is plenty hunting here.It all depends on what your hunting for me to tell you if there is public land available. I have recently joined a deer club in fordyce,Ar. Fordyce has the largest deer population in the state. Stuttgart,Ar is duck captial. Hunters from all over the U.S. come to duck hunt in Stuttgart.

If I were you I would checkout the Game and fish commission on the web. I get lots of info from there website. http://www.agfc.com

Happy Hunting and hope to here from you soon Thumbs up Thumbs up Thumbs up

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Central Arkansas Hunting

You will have good hunting within a couple hours of any point of the compass from Central Arkansas. As suggested, go to the AGFC site and on the Home Page, click on Destinations. There you can find all the WMAs and public hunting in the state.

Good luck and welcome to God's Country Yes

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