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Censorship by the Rocky Mtn. Moderator

I just made a post to the Rocky Mtn. moderator, which he immediately expunged, about the use of censorship and a lack of response, to my original private message to management. "The lockdown of the .270 on Elk" in the Rocky Mtn. section.

If you think, that by just wiping out my post will free you of me, YOUR WRONG. I will post on EVERY HUNTING FORUM WEBSITE about how poor this forum is RUN and RECOMMEND TO ONE AND ALL TO BOYCOT BIGGAMEHUNT.NET

What are you people afraid of?

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Censorship by the Rocky Mtn. Moderator

You didn't receive a response because there was nothing to discuss all the explanation is in the locked thread. No need to belabor it with more email or posts.

You are welcome to participate here Beef Jerky, if you can follow the rules. I'm thinking you probably won't be able to though, since your now threatening to bad mouth our site, simply because we won't let you pop off about whatever you feel like.

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Censorship by the Rocky Mtn. Moderator

Why don't you do us all a favor and stop trying to stir everything up. This forum has been very user-friendly and should stay that way. I found your posts both offensive and dogmatic. What you're doing now is grounds for moderation, you really need to respect all our rights as posters.

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Censorship by the Rocky Mtn. Moderator

Well im 100% for the Mod and I think that what you are saying is your Opinion. If u want to post and talk here with others about what you think I say go for it but dont call people names and insult them thats wrong. Why not try to make friends with them.

Dont think that I have anything against you because I dont. If u want to post go for it but I dont want to have to see your fights and threats.

I would like to thank the Mod for doing a great job and hope that He or She will keap it up as I love this board and the posters.

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Censorship by the Rocky Mtn. Moderator

Heck, I'm new here and I have no clue what you are really talking about, but it seems your acting childish...possibly because you are a child maybe??? Either way, your acting in need of moderation it seems

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Censorship by the Rocky Mtn. Moderator

I've been on this forum for roughly a year now, and I agree with the moderator. Even though I've seen a lot of spirited discussion on this site it has, for the most part, remained polite. Last fall we had an individual whose tone was remarkably similar to yours, Beef Jerky, and he was asked to turn down the venom, too. Other than that I've never seen anyone restricted on this forum.

Freedom of speech is one of the cornerstones of our nation, yet we have slander laws. Then there's other taboos like yelling "fire" in a crowded theater. Your right to swing your arms ends at my nose.

I must also point out that this forum isn't run by the government. It's a private business. Restaurant owners have the right to deny service if someone's boorish behavior is driving away customers. Bouncers exist at bars in case someone gets out of hand and becomes a threat to others or the atmosphere of the bar. No one is asking you to restrict your ideas. But just as a bar owner expects customers to drink responsibly, this forum's moderator expects posters to express thoughts in a civil tone.

Have a good time in the Saloon, but keep your guns holstered.

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