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Cause of misfires

I am a fairly inexperienced smokepoler (about one year) and I went to the range the other day to try out a few new things including a new brand of (American Pioneer 50 gr sticks) and a new barrel cleaning technique. The powder burned a LOT cleaner than Pyrodex but I got 3 misfires out of 10 shots. What could be the cause? I don't want to automatically assume it is the powder.

This is what the misfire looked like. When I fired the sound and recoil was much softer than normal and a thin stream of smoke shot out of my barrel, hit the ground at about 25 yds and bounced. I think the powder did not fire, at least not completely, and was pushed out along with the bullet by the explosion of the primer cap alone. Does that sound right?

My theories as to the cause are: 1) bad powder, 2) bad primer caps (I had spilled cleaning solvent on them several months ago but they still seemed to fire), 3) dirty breech plug (since the AP powder seemed to burn much cleaner I wasn't cleaning the inside of the plug as carefully, just making sure the hole was open with the breech hole pick), and 4) I tried cleaning the barrel between shots with solvent or alcohol swab then a dry patch without removing my breech plug each time. Maybe I left moisture at the base of the barrel or pushed too much gunk against the breech area?

Possible clue: There were no misfires in the first 5 shots but 3 of the next 5 misfired.

BTW, shooting a CVA Accura 50 cal inline.

Any insights? Thanks!


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If you are shooting the

If you are shooting the bullet out of the barrell then you are igniting the powder but it isn't burning right.  I presume that you are using 209 shotshell primers, if you are you may want to try a different brand and if you got them wet with anything then buy some new ones.  If you are using caps then check the powder, most of the pellets require a 209 primer and not caps. 

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I am using Winchester 209

I am using Winchester 209 primers.

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First of all, throw out those

First of all, throw out those primers you spilled solvent on!  Then buy hot(mag) 209 primers. I found Pioneer stick power hard to ignite.

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powder problem

I don't have any experience with that powder, but I think it's a combination of possibilities 1 & #4, using powder which apparently has ignition issues anyway, compromised primers.

Primer alone definitely won't push a bullet out the barrel.

I swab between shots too and never had that problem, but I shoot p-dex.

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