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Catahoula Leopard Cur 11mo old female unaltered

Purebred Female Catahoula Leopard Dog located on the Hernando / Pasco County Line in Florida.

Female Blue Leopard, 11 months old, NOT fixed. She is UTD on all her shots and worming. No, I do not have any papers on her. She is gorgeous blue merle with solid black spots. She also has a few gold colored patched laced throughout her coat. She has trim white with all four paws white, blaze and a white tipped tail. Her eyes are amber colored.

This breed is HIGH energy and so is she. These dogs are typically used for hunting, herding or search and rescue. She is a very smart dog but also very stubborn. If you cannot assert your dominance and be the pack leader, than this dog is NOT for you. Very loving and playful she wants to be around people all the time. She plays gently with kittens and cats, as well as with kids. 

While she has not been trained for hunting, I'm sure she would pick it up very quickly and excel at it. Currently, she will stalk and chase squirrels in the yard very quietly and stealthy. She shows more stealth than any cat I've seen. She will wind her prey rather than hunt with her nose to the ground, then freeze when her prey is spotted and remain so until she can creep closer or when she decides its time to chase. If she does not get the squirrel, she will stand at the base of the tree and look back and forth from up the tree at the squirrel to me and continue to do so until I tell her "good girl" at which point she will give up the "hunt" and come trotting over to me. She also has little to no fear of other animals. She has stood up to two huge pit mixes that each were easily double her weight. She was protecting me from them. No, she did not actually fight or get hurt, but she stood her ground between me and them and refused to back down. The other dogs ended up leaving. 

She has not been on any courses, but here in our yard I've seen her jump and clear a span of bushes about 2.5' high by close to 4' long without effort when she runs around the yard playing. Her current favorite play "toy" is a length of rope that measures 10' in length and is about 1' wide. 

We got her because we were supposed to be getting goats. Our plans have drastically changed. Due to this change, our situation is no longer ideal for this type of dog. She has nothing to do here except play with her toys and the kittens (which really can't play with her). 

While she does not need an environment in which there are animals for her to herd, she would do best in a home that she has the space to run and something to occupy her mind. A home with another large dog for her to play with would be good. She may also be great for someone who is looking for a daily exercise buddy. Above all, she needs companionship, and not just other animals. She prefers to lay at my feet while I'm at my desk during the day and on the foot of the bed at night if allowed or on the floor directly next to my side of the bed at night.

I have walked with her down our road with and without her leash with no problems. All I have to do is whistle and she comes to my side. 

Overall, she is a wonderful dog, unfortunately, she is just not right for our situation... 

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