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Caribou Hunting

I have never hunted caribou before, but I'm planning a hunt for the end of August. We've got a few places in Northern BC picked out where we will be flying in for a week. Can anyone tell me what to expect? How do you hunt caribou? do you just glass the open tundra and then stock bulls within the general area, or should we be planning on moving around a lot (move with a light camp / verses a permanent wall tent camp)? How many legal bulls are there usually in an area, I understand it varies, but is it common to see say 1/2 a dozen legal bulls in a good area? Any information would be appreciated.

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Caribou Hunting

I have hunted Caribou in northern Quebec several times, and found that your best bet is to find travel corridors, and set up along the banks of rivers and lakes. You should set a wall camp at least a couple of miles away from their main crossing's. You can pack a light camp on your hunt as well incase you get an animal down towards dark, and you need to stay with the bull to keep critters from stealing meat on you.
Expect to stalk to your pre scouted location, staying low if possible. We look for good cover that is between 125 - 150 yards away along the Caribous migration route. Like most of the Deer family, the Dominant bulls will cross behind the rest of the herd, so look behind, not in front of the group. More than not, they will not even see you, or smell you, so it should be fairly easy to take a legal bull once you have your location picked out. A good set of Bino's will help locate herds on route, or animals that have passed you by through the night. You should be good to go!
I recommend using a 180 grain .300 magnum, or 175 grain .7mm magnum.

Good luck and have fun.


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