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"the car crucher"

last night as i was heading to wrk, down a country bk road, from out of nowhere a very beutiful buck(at least a 8 pointer) came out of the tree line and proceeded to cross the road. well unfortunatly he didnt quite make it as soon as he would have liked to, or for mine. he took out the head light, parking/directional,totaled the whole driver side fender,which was driven bk into the door, half the hood and the windsheild with his antlers. oh and cnt forget dented the crap out of the door with his rear. this morning went bk to get permission from landowner to look forn it just in case it didnt survive. three of us went out to look in the rain, one left after an hour to take his daughter to school while we kept looking for the car cruncher. to no avail we didnt find him after three and half hours.(rather disapointed though on one hand and relieved on another for not finding him)maybe he survived and will be around in a couple of weeks for rifel season. anybody think that i shouldnt feel disapointed? please feel free to let me know.thanks.

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"the car crucher"

Tuff spot to be in but then I,ve been there too only it was a small doe. It took out the right headlight system, right quarter panel, and buckled the hood at about 40 mph. We could not find any kind of blood trail, busted branches, or anything else that would indicate where she went. I'm really beginning to think that those things have some amazing resiliency. Man can those things really screw up a vehicle. You tried what more can a person do? You can't track a ghost!!

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"the car crucher"

A friend of mine was on his bike doin like 60 MPH at night when he hit a doe and it about killed him and totaled the bike. Plus because of the wreck he missed deer season that year.

If that much damage happened to your car i would have to say that the deer would have died.

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"the car crucher"

Yeah its a bummer when you spin one around and the animal takes off. Leaves you wondering with no answers.

Had a similar incident about 10 years ago. I was going about 40mph and 2 two does and a buck came barreling over a ridge and right into the road in front of me just after dusk. The instance I caught them in the corner of my eye, I romped on the brake but still hit the butt end of one of the does going about 15 mph. Slightly pushed the bumper in, but the deer bolted and didn't see them again.

I think, like Zippy, that yours probably did or will die, probably like I'm guessing mine eventually did. If not from the injury directly, then from coyotes looking to pick off a stiff-legged slow meal. Even at 15 miles per hour 2 tons of weight packs quite a wallop. They'll bolt, but it probably more nerves and adrenline at the time.

Feeling guilty or disappointed is natural. I did, but consider that it ran out in front of you and you did your best to track it down. Not much else you can do.

You can be thankful at least that it was not a moose or elk. Hit one of those going fast in a low vehicle and the last thing you'll be thinking about is whether it survived.