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Canada Hunting ??

What are the rules and regs for us Southern Folk to able to go to hunting in Canada?  Anyone have experience with that? 

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This site is the Canadian

This site is the Canadian Firearms Centre website and they should have all the info. and forms for you.




Bringing the firearm in the country is the biggest hurdle and the rest of the regs would be provincial hunting regs.

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Quebec moose ?

I've been looking at a Canadian moose hunt for a long time.  I considered Newfoundland, but I can't seem to find a moose hunt there for under $4000.  The moose hunts in Quebec (unguided) start at about $500 plus the cost of the license.  Has anyone here gone that route?  Any recommendations; or good or bad experiences?

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hunting trip in québec ?

I'm living in québec and i can show you information about hunting trip in QC.  First of all yes you can have hunting trip for under $4000. You have just to show me what you want have in your trip ( hunting guide or no, number of person, if pet is allowed etc...I will try to have a web site with more explication to you smile

  each year my father go in hunting trip in gaspésie ''QC'' and it not cost 4000$ just 250 at 2000$ by person depending what you want  have in your trip. For more explication: Said to me what you want have as information Grin

ps. Sorry for my english i'm a beginner. eye roll confused?

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I always planned on taking a

I always planned on taking a trip to Alberta or Saskatchewan to hunt the big whitetails with my Dad.

However, given the problems with getting guns across, I am looking now at doing a Kansas hunt or somewhere in the middle of the country. 

The deer seem to be almost as big there anyway.  Sad, but I wonder how much $$$$$ Canada is losing because of their gun policies?

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I doubt that Canada is losing

I doubt that Canada is losing very many dollers due to their gun policies.  I have been hunting up there a couple of times and as long as you follow the procedures and have your paper work filled out in advance there are no problems. 

We have found out that it is nice to stop at the US side and check with the customs agents there as before you go into Canada and let them know that you are taking rifles or shotguns into Canada and follow procedure to get them back into the states. 

Now if you want problems you should try and take a rifle into Mexico.  You have to have it shiped to a military post and then pick it up there for your personal use.  Then return it to them for shipment back to the states.  It is a lot easier if you go down there to just rent a rifle or shotgun or borrow one from your outfitter. 

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