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Canada Hunting

Here in Wisconsin our season is about over and I didn't see one damn deer hunting this year. It really pisses me off, but anyways, I'm trying to find out if the price of roughly $3,000 is worth it to hunt whitetail deer in canada. I love hunting these animals and would love to shoot a big ass deer and be able just to sit out there and see some. Any suggestions would be great. The cheaper i can find, the better. I'm looking for this year, but its probably too late...Thanks for the help!

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Canada Hunting

My experience growing up in Sask was that deer were plentiful - getting "a deer" was no challenge. But the "big-assed boys" didn't get that way by being stupid. There's no guaruntee on a "big-ass deer". The odds may be better in SK or AB. So.....I guess the question then becomes are you willing to pay $3K to shoot an average deer, or pay $3K for the CHANCE at a trophy and quite likely come home skunked.

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Canada Hunting

I have been hunting in Canada for six years now, it took me that long to get my first canadian whitetail, but the trip is worth every last penny. I see game, not always bucks but i do see deer moose, coyotes and I get to hunt with some great people. I would definatley recoment investing in a trip to Canada.

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Canadian hunting is the best in the world anyone can say different but ive lived here my whole life and i love this place i love out forests and all the differnt kind of wildlife you find here and nothing is better than sittin in a tree stand takin that big bull buck or bruin down but the big one dont always step out.
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