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Can you shoot a nuisance bear in CO?

This is a little more cut and dry for me now that I live in the country again (thank God). If a bear comes in my yard, I will shoot it. I don't care if it's rummaging through my composter, or trying to get into my garage where in a few weeks there will be a deer hanging...or if it's trying to steal the last burger that I forgot I left on the BBQ.

Actually it's more accurate to say that I'll be calling the cops and then heading to Cdn Tire to buy a box of shells (since I don't normally keep ammo in the house). If it's still there when I get back, or if it comes back later...it's dead.

If I still lived in town, I'd do call the cops and watch it with a loaded rifle. If it tried to get in the house before they got there, or was posing a clear danger to someone I'd shoot it.

Where buddy dropped the ball was dumping the carcass and not reporting it.

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Can you shoot a nuisance bear in CO?

Different state but the first part of this story is similar to what has been discussed here. Except this guy was charged for shooting a nuisance bear.

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