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Can Some1 Help A Guy Out?

ok i need some help :confused: i have been scouting for about 2 weeks really hard this year because last year i came up empty handed...
ok i havnt seen any deer or any deer tracks or signs of deer
i have found scrapes in evergreens but ....they are on the ground though.....i dunno if rabbits ate the bark off or not.....
i got a trail cam set up and it has nothing on it yet
well what should i do to help me to find if there are n e deer in there ?
i put a photo of the land i will be hunting
all of that is timber and the dark spot in the photo is where i will be hunting at ( it is a patch of evergreen, also where i got my 1st deer) i have 3 spots in there but i dunno if there are n e deer in there
there are 3 stands along that south fence where i have seen 4 deer heading to the pond
i was in the far southeast corner stand by the ditches intersection
btw that field is a wheat field surrounded by corn fields and pasture to the north
ok i got 2 ?s for u people
1) where should i hunt at ?
2) how can i maxamize the chance of me finding where deer are
if you have an analysis to what i can do please help me....i am in need of some huting help.....
should i bait them to see what i get on cam ?
how should i get there quietly ?(the strait up north house by the pond is mine)

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Can Some1 Help A Guy Out?

Good luck Thumbs up

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Can Some1 Help A Guy Out?

I liked what jeffalaska had to say. Have you tried getting some friends together and doing a drive? Do these deer have pressure from anyone else but you? It might be a good idea to get a few people in the woods before the season starts and all go a different direction to get the deer moving, maybe you could jump a few? The longer you stay out there the more action you will see.

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Can Some1 Help A Guy Out?

ya we have done drivesw every year but they do not work because it is so thick in there

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Can Some1 Help A Guy Out?

Besides rubs and scrapes, have you looked at all for...other signs? Like buck and doe poop? On the back of our property we see rubs on trees and scrapes on the ground but in the front where there are no trees right around, I proudly showed my hubby where I'd found some buck poop. He didn't think it was because of the location of it, right out in the middle of the clear....in our 'drive way'. I'd never seen any before, but he had described it to me, and I'd seen plenty of doe. So I took him up there and sure enough it was! So now besides the obvious to look for i.e. rubs and scrapes, I watch for 'other signs' as well. Just a thought.

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