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Campfire Chef (feature article)

July 2010 Feature Article

Campfire Chef

Like many kids, I spent most of my warm weather weekends as a youth at a campground with my family. It wasn't exactly "roughing it" but it always seemed like an adventure, except for the food. Apparently there is some secret camper's code that says the only forms of sustenance allowed at a campground are hot dogs, potato chips and fire-blackened marshmallows, because that is what we had just about every time that we went. When I was a kid, I never gave it a second thought. What red-blooded American boy would object to skewering something with stick, cooking it in the mesmerizing flames of fire and then eating it? But years later, when I attended my first deer camp - ironically a true, no-frills, roughing-it camp with the only source of energy being a well-used fire pit - my eyes were opened to a whole new world; a world of delicious, "home-cooked" meals prepared far from home and without much hassle. Read more...

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Most of my hunting trips these last few years have been backcountry excursions for archery elk.  Cascade mountain terrain, coupled with the close proximity needed to actually harvest an animal with pointy sticks means no campfire.  The scent is just too hard to cover...

So instead I take along freeze dried, Mountain House meals.  While I would not want to live on them long term, for a few days to a week these are fabulous.  Other brands are probably good too, but in my experience MH is the easiest and best tasting.

Spaghetti with meat sauce, Lasagna, Turkey Tetrazzini... the list goes on and on.  Each one a dilectable selection of deliciousness.  To quote a friends wife who tried a meal on her very first overnight pack trip... soaked to the bone and not looking forward to tasting this dried up mess...

One bite and she muttered, "Oh my god you guys!  This is so good I might cry a little..."

Instead she chewed in silent bliss.

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