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Camo your rifle

Thought I would give you something to laugh at. When I bought my Browning A-bolt eons ago it seems, it was the Medallion model with a very nice highly polished stock. My first time using it, I realized that was mistake because of the glare that my friends commented on they could see for a mile away, LOL. So, in a quick "Yankee ingenuity" moment, I took a pair of faded black socks, slipped one over the stock and tie-wrapped in place, took another and poked a hole in the toe and slipped over the barrel and down over the fore-grip, also tie-wrapping in place. The socks fit pretty snug, cured the problem, and I still use them, LOL. It's sort of a conversation item now, and I sometimes get the weirdest looks if running into somebody out there... ;-)

You know, I wrote to Browning twice though, to see if a stock from a Stainless Stalker (black composite) would fit my older A-bolt, but they never wrote me back.... the bums!

By the way, I still own every gun I've ever bought since I was a kid and got my first .22, and don't plan on selling any either. So you are not alone in that... my kids will inherit them all, ha!

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Thats exactly what I will do. Kids get everything and hopefully their kids after that. So maybe one day my  Grand kids will say what was  Grandpa thinking painting this gun? lol. On my shotguns that I have had forever , I have put camo tape on it, and never have had an issur removing it after the season. I love the sock idea. I'm going to see if any of my old camo socks work.