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camo suggestions for late season treestand hunting in OH

I hunt in Ohio and I hunt from a treestand. I use lock-ons and get above the limbs. so as long as there are leaves I don't have problems not getting spotted. But when the leaves come off I midas well be wrapped in Christmas lights cause the deer immediately look right up at me when they walk in the area. Still above the limbs and as high as 30 feet.

What is a good camo for late season (no leaves) in Ohio? I hunt mostly among oaks. I've heard predator is good. not sure which pattern would suite my situation though.


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Mossy oak has a treestand

Mossy oak has a treestand camo pattern that I find it to best mimic the tree limbs.  Be certain to also have some type of camo for your face as well.  However, if you are at times up as high as 30 feet and the deer are looking right at you then there is more than a camo issue at hand.  Movement or scent may be giving you away as well.  I would guess you need to address those two issue as well.  Good Luck!

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