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Cameras on Cop Guns

Here's another one to add to the list of hare-brained ideas coming out of the Democratic party -- a New York senator wants to require that video cameras be installed on cop handguns -- as if video down the sights at the moment of the trigger pull will explain why a cop shoots someone. I can't imagine the cop union embracing this one. I can only imagine a jury looking at frame-by-frame analysis of the shooting devoid of context: "See? As you can tell, after a heated chase down a dark alley, the victim was holding out his cel phone to the police officer. Obviously, he was unarmed and this shooting was unjustified."


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Cameras on Cop Guns

Hmmm... seems there could be pros/cons to this one. I like the idea of dash cams. They highlight good and bad behavior. One incident that sticks out in my mind was this one out of Utah for the Utah highway patrol.


I doubt the gun cams would be as useful as dash cams, owing to the proximity to the perp.

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Cameras on Cop Guns

Next move is to allow only the Chief of Police to carry a sidearm and no other cops will be allowed. Laugh I shouldn't laugh, that may just be a proposition soon. Afterall, I never thought I's see the day when a major police department like the LAPD would be banned from carrying and using large maglites or any other flashlight that could be used as a deadly weapon. They now have adopted a way over priced Pelican light that I'm sure is costing tax payers hundreds of thousands of $$$. If they don't trust cops with something as useful as a large flashlight, then what will they not trust us with??

If they want checks and balances then I propose that every person in public office be under the microscope 24/7 as well. A camera and audio recorder should follow them around everywhere, even into the bathroom and bed , just to make sure they aren't doing anything unethical while in office. Evil!

Honestly, what is it going to take for all of America to finally stand up and say enough is enough!!!!

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