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Camera Land's Holiday Daily Blowout, Day 13 Swarovski

Camera Land's Holiday Daily Blowout, Day 13

We have been working with all of our suppliers to find items we can offer at crazy low prices for the holidays.
With this in mind we will be trying to post something everyday.

Today's post is AMAZING. Here's the skinny..... Swarovski has discontinued some riflescopes and they also had a bunch of show samples that were never mounted and are in as new condition. Everything comes in the original boxes with full warranty.

#57009 PH 1.25-4X24 #24N - CD Discontinued @ $999.99

#57015 PVI 1.25-4x24-SR-Circle Dot Discontinued $1049.99

#57016 PH 1.25-2x24-SR-24 Discontinued $749.99

#57023 PH 1.5-6x42-L-4A Show sample $999.99

#57035 PVI 1.5-6x42-SR-Circle Dot Discontinued $1299.99

#57036 PV 1.5-6x42-SR-4a Discontinued $849.99

#57045 PH 2.5-10x42-L-Plex Show Sample $1099.99

#57061 PV 2.5-10x56-SR-4 Discontinued $999.99

#57063 PH 2.5-10x56-L-4A Show Sample $1249.99

#57065 PH 2.5-10X56-L-PLEX Show Sample $1249.99

#57085 PH 3-12x50-L-Plex Show Sample $1199.99

#57089 PH 3-12X50-L-4-NK Show Sample $1199.99

#57091 PV 3-12x50-SR-4A Discontinued $999.99

#57098 PV-N 3-12x50-SR-NA-4 NKDiscontinued $1399.99

#57220 PH 4-16x50-L-4A Show Sample $1299.99

#57221 PH 4-16X50-L-PLEX Show Sample $1299.99

#57227 PH 4-16X50-L-BR Show Sample $1349.99

#49360 Swarovski Weaver Cross Slot Adapter $65.00 with purchase of a scope

Please feel free to give a call to discuss this or any other product.

BTW, All of these Daily Specials will remain available to you thru the end of the month or until supplies run out.

Happy Holidays from your Camera Land family

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