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Camera Land is now a Burris Dealer
Camera Land is now a Burris Dealer

After getting feedback from many forum members we have decided to begin to carry Burris gear. Being that we are new to Burris we are entering the waters slowly with a few products that have been suggested to us and we will expand our inventory as we learn more. Please feel free to look over our Burris page and make suggestions of products that you feel we should add.

I have read your concerns over the level of customer service over at Burris and addressed these concerns with them. Some people that I have been working with for years from Steiner are now over at Burris and assure me that the level of service that we demand from our suppliers will be met. As with any product we carry we will stand behind it and make sure you are happy with any product you get from us.

We look forward to assisting you with Burris products as well as getting your input on products you'd like to see. Thanks in advance for your assistance and as always for all the support we receive.