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Came home early on my elk hunt....

The unit I went to last night they where not talking at all. Usually I hear 4-5 bulls after the 2nd week. I was going to stay till monday but gave it up. I called in 4 spikes though. Missed a shot at 35 yds on the first one that came in. was calling to the south and they came in on a run from the west and pulled back when the first one came behind a tree and he stopped right behind it and stood there for a eternity it seemed and when he finally stepped out I shot over his back. I think there was 5 all together. But the way they where running around together so know for sure there was 4. They ran up over the hill and I still kept calling and one of them squealed back to me and they where gone. But the loop i run I usually hear like I said 4-5 bulls and cows talking up a storm. Not today though. So i came home to wait till next Thursday night to go back. I noticed some survey marks out there that where fresh so maybe that is what spooked them out of there. Found alot of rubs and elk sign though. Will find out next weekend.

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Came home early on my elk hunt....

Sounds like they are definitely responding to the calling. Hopefully you'll continue to have success with it next week.

The upside is that missing now means you get to up more! Assuming you only have one tag....

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