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calling in bears

I do alot of coyote hunting and use alot of rabbit calls i read somewhere that u can call in a bear with a distress call i was wandering if i could call a black bear in with a rabbit call or not. would that be a good idea or not because i could call a cat in to. The only bad thing i could think about would be the cat or bear come rushing in on top of you. I live in kansas and have heard of people calling in a bobcat and he would be zeroed in on the call and actually jump into people not knowing what it was and running off a bear or a big cat is another thing i really don't want to have that exprience though. has anyone ever called a bear in.

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Calling bears

I have called in a few over the years. It can be done with a rabbit in distress call, but I find it easier with a fawn in distress call in the areas I hunt. It usually takes around forty minutes of calling to get one to come in. A lot like calling bobcats. I have also had two boars come into elk calls.

The only one that really bothered me was one that came in while calling in the summer for yotes. We had set up with an electronic call and were overlooking a huge flat out in front of us. We were setting back in some thick oakbrush. About thirty minutes into the calling I heard something off to the left side of me ( I was in full camo including a face net ) so I slowly turned my head to see what it was and saw nothing. About tem minutes later this young boar, about 230 pounds, came running in and with my movement he stopped about three feet from the end of my barrel. I stood up real quick and he ran around behind me as I was pulling off the face net. He stood up about ten yards from me and then dropped back down and ran off. It all happened within seconds and was a huge adrenalin rush.

I have never called in a mountain lion that I know of. I have heard of big boars coming in real aggressively and having to be hit with bearspray to turn them around. It is a crazy ride calling them in so good luck.

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Yeah - I'm no expert here,

Yeah - I'm no expert here, but I would think that to intentionally try to call in a bear from the ground might get you nominated for the Darwin Award. Yes

I have seen hunting videos where a guy was sitting over an open field with woods to his back calling coyotes. One sneaked in from behind him and just about jumped on him before he heard something and turned his upper body around, spooking the dog. If that had been a bear intent on breakfast, it might not have spooked.

I would think that either using an electronic call set at a distance from you or calling from a tree stand would be a much better idea. At least it would show that your I.Q. is higher than the animal you're trying to lure in. lol

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I've seen vidioes of that

I've seen vidioes of that done ,and always thought it might be fun, but with the grizz around here I don't think I'll try it here.


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thanks for the reply i would

thanks for the reply i would like to try it but hunting with a bow and mouth calls might be a risky a electronic call might be the way to go and have a little distance from the bears i really don't want to be bear poop

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