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Call Makers?

I'm new on here and new to call making. I was wondering if there are any call makers on the forum. If so, tell us what kind of calls you make and how long you've been at it.

I started making mouth calls last summer and we used them for our fall hunting. Just got my business all set up and running in February and things are going good. A little slow but I expected that being new and all. I've been hunting turkey for 17years and just got tried of looking for good mouth calls every season. Being a SHD (stay Home Dad) gave me the time to do something about it so I started making my own.

In June I plan on turning my own pot calls, turkey tube calls, crow, owl calls and deer grunt tubes. Could do it now but with scouting, my turkey season getting ready to kick in and making mouth calls! I decided to wait until it all slowed down. Besides, I need to set up my shop area for all my new JET power tools I bought Thumbs up Last night I stretched out a few new calls and man do they sound sweet! The break on them is perfect! I know what I'll be using come April 23th Yes

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elk bugles?

You ever think of trying to make an elk bugle? I'd be willing to try one out for you this fall.

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