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Call to action

Senate bill S.397 is currently in the senate. It is important that we voice our opinions to our senators. Please review the bill at: http://www.nraila.com

then write, call, or email your senators and voice your opinions. Take action now at: http://www.capwiz.com/nra/mail/oneclick_compose/?alertid=6859271

Also, Tell you senators your feelings on the 50 cal. ban. I personally think that its rediculous and is a slippery slope that we need not mess with

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Call to action

I agree Shato. Lets hope 397 doesn't get a posion pill tacked on again. Some states (like Colorado) have taken a lead and passed laws that are similar in intent to 397 at the state level, although this doesn't offer the protection of a federal law.

Banning 50's is silly and the "there a terrorist" weapon propganda is even sillier. Its a front to eventually get all rifles banned under the pretext that they could be used at "long range". Most 50's are heavy, ackward, and most commercial versions are breach or bolt loading single shots. Hardly a must have feature list for a "terrorist" weapon.

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