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California Killer Mountain Lion Confirmed

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California Killer Mountain Lion Confirmed

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California Killer Mountain Lion Confirmed

Truly unfortunate.

My ex-next door neighbor's aunt was killed in Rancho Cuyamca State Park here in the Cleveland NF back in Dec. 94'.

He STILL gets upset over the situation. AS WELL HE SHOULD!!!

Cal DFG stuck in a bad place due to some misguided voters.

Oh well let's hear it for the NIMBY(Not in My Backyard)crowd.

Heck,why do you think they call it the WILDERNESS?

Because it makes us feel so ALIVE!!

I'll be packing my Model 25 Smith and some pepper spray every time I go scouting from now on.

Of course whether or not I'll be able to use it in a full blown attack will HOPEFULLY NEVER need to be determined!!

If you've never seen "Cougar, Ghost of the Rockies you should. Supreme predator in the US.

I believe the quote goes something like this. "Getting attacked by a mountain lion is like having someone throwing (as in somersaulting it)you a revved up chainsaw and you trying to catch it".

Get the visual?

Nuf' said!

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California Killer Mountain Lion Confirmed

Definitely not a good way to go. I have respect for the lady that hung on to her friend when the cougar was pulling the friend away from the trail.

Perhaps this event will open people's eyes and the cougars will be better regulated....

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California Killer Mountain Lion Confirmed

What they need to do is show that in complete detail on TV in LA and SD counties. Every hour on the hour will do. Kinda like some of the bunny hugger commercials.

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California Killer Mountain Lion Confirmed

I agree with you all. I live in california. I wish more lions would eat more tree huggers. Then you lower the stupid voter population. This state is ridiculous. I hate it. We cannot go to any other state in the United States and leagally take a moutain lion, (even mounted) and bring it back home to CA. Why? Tree huggers. I am fed up with people in general. Our deer herds are record low, why? No one killing predators. No game managment from the DFG. No help from any of the tree huggers who voted to Save the f'in moutain lion, they need to wake up and realize kill the moutain lion help bambi. Jack*sses!

I dont know this subject is just a burr under the saddle with me!

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California Killer Mountain Lion Confirmed

Game management should be left to the group that knows how, the DFG. The voters in any state are in no position to scientifically manage game, they can only have an emotional opinion. Putting stuff like this on a ballot is a joke.
Let the experts do their job, after all that's why they are there.
My condolances to the family.

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California Killer Mountain Lion Confirmed

"My condolances to the family."..........Mine too.
The mountain lion is an awsome creature but needs to be managed better and with all the tools available.

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California Killer Mountain Lion Confirmed

The hunter is the best tool available to manage mountain lions. Just give the hunter their due and they will do their part.

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California Killer Mountain Lion Confirmed

i don't think mountain lions should be controlled at all.
we need more of them so we can hunt em, hell get a breeding program together and release them all over the place. downtown, the beach, whatever. lol

and all those tree huggers who are anti-gun are gonna wish they were packin when they are confronted with a mighty predator like a cougar.

without a weapon, we're NOT on the top of the food chain people.

oh that reminds me, the new ruger 454 revolver. that thing is sweet! I'll be taking that slong with me when I'm in Alaska. you can't fight a grizzly with flowers and a granola bar.

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