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California Hog Hunt?

Want to hunt hogs in California. Anyone know where I could start? I'm willing to trade info about Oregon hunting.

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California Hog Hunt?

There is no shortage of California hogs. The largest concentration is along the central coast. Carmel Valley, Hunter Liggett, etc... Good luck and be cautious.

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California Hog Hunt?

Try the coalinga hills they have some big black russian boar. Get a good map so not to cross onto private land.

Good luck

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California Hog Hunt?

FYI - all hunters. The BLM closed Clear Creek in Coalinga due to the asbestos dust in the ground. However, if you are in really good shape, try hunting Coalinga Mineral Springs in mid to late spring. Go up the trail out of the park into Little Oak Flat and use spot and stalk techniques. There are some great hogs there, but as always, patience pays. This is alos a great place for big coastal "blacktail" (put it in quotes because Fish and Game calls em Mule Deer even though a 24 inch buck is a trophy of a lifetime there).

P.S. - do not even attempt this hunt if you are not in good to excellent condition and shape; and take a minimum of one gallon of water with you.

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California Hog Hunt?

fuzzybear: I'm curious...where in Carmel Valley are you talking about? I'm not asking you to give away any secret favorite places, but I wasn't aware that the opportunity to hunt even existed in there. Can you be a little more specific?



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Boar Hunting in Central California

Hello Oregon Hunter, I don’t mind sharing hunting information, in fact, I have posted a few maps at my WebPages.


The areas that I have mapped are no secret, so you can expect to have plenty of company while hunting. Mostly guys from El Lay. I hunt these spots, and my boy finally shot a young boar in Area 29 on June 19, 2005. It takes a lot of hiking, and when you finally get one it’s a pain to pack it out. The meat was as good as the pork purchased from a Super Market. Good Luck.

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