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California Boar Hunt --Wanted--

I need to try and get some information together for a Boar hunt this July in Northern California. We are probably looking at 2-4 people for the hunt some from CA and some from out of state.

This will be a first hunt for most of us and we are just looking for something to get us started, we aren't particularly looking for any "Trophys" though I'm sure no one would mind if they got one.

The information I am looking for...

Cost: (total cost of hunt)
Dates: (dates available)
Area: (area we would be hunting)
Days for hunt: (1 day hunt, 3 day hunt, etc...)
Private: (Private hunt or on public lands?)
Target: (What exactly are we hunting)
What do you provide: (lodging if needed, food, travel, license, tags, etc...)
Cleaning: (is cleaning of the animals provided, if so is there cost or expected tip involved, etc...)
Weapons: (We have a variety of guns at our disposal if there is something specific you are looking for(or not looking for) as a guide please let us know ahead of time so we can accomodate you if possible, ie certain calibers that you would prefer be used or not be used, brakes being used, etc... that kind of stuff)

About us:
This is the fist hunt for most if not all of us, we are looking for a good experience just to help get us into hunting. Most of us have spent at least a reasonable amount of time on the range and are fairly good shots, but like mentioned have never hunted before and we all know how the excitement can impact the shot. Expect two of us to be from out of state, and two to be from in state if that impacts pricing at all. Ideally we would like this to occur as close to the general Sacramento area as possible but are willing to travel several hours out if necessary.

Most of us are considered over weight and out of shape so we can't reasonably be expected to hike 12 miles in to make a kill and then carry a couple hunred pounds of meat back out on our backs. Ideally we would like something fun and relatively simple. My father will be going with us as well and he is getting to the point where he has some minor issues getting around for long periods of time or long distances. Hopefully there can be some sort of consideration taken into account when planning the hunt(ie horses, 4 wheelers etc...)

Also like mentioned above we have several guns at our disposal ranging from basic .22 rifles to custom .22 rifles on up to .270, .30-378, Desert Eagle pistol, 9mm pistols, 20 and 12 guage shotguns, etc... I would expect that the .270's would be the weapon of choice here, though one may be interested in hunting with pistols.

If you need any more information by all means feel free to contact me here via PM or I can be contacted at my personal email address [email protected].

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California Boar Hunt --Wanted--

You may have better luck posting your query on "Jessie's Hunting & Outdoors". forum. It seems most of the guys writing in on the "hogs" category are from Califormia. Check it out!

If you want to hunt hogs on public land on Maui, Hawaii, let me know. That I can help you with.

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California Boar Hunt --Wanted--

If you haven't set anything up already, look into the Tejon Ranch.


I have a few friends that go there regularly on pig hunts. I have yet to go, but it sounds like a blast.......

Good Luck, wherever you end up...... cool

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