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Caliber comparisons

Over the past several weeks I have gone through the past two and a half years of postings on this forum. I am the proud owner of a Winchester 1894 30-30 Ranger (GREAT saddle gun, she'll always be my primary deer hunter), but am trying to decide what to buy for a more powerful/long range rifle. Every single one of you seems to have a religious belief that one particular caliber is the one and only truth upon earth, and will stick to your religion no matter what, and the same is true of all my hunting friends. After reading and listening to everything, I am of the opinion that 7MM, 300, 308, 338, 30-06 and all the variants thereof will ALL work just fine, I just have to find a good quality rifle for a good deal (as a college student I WILL be buying used) that feels good to me and it should work. Of course, for my old-fashioned family (read FATHER) there are no rifle options outside of 30-30 and 30-06.
Here's what I'm looking for: less opinions, more facts. I could pick all the numbers out of all those posts, but who knows if they are even accurate. WHERE can I find charted comparisons of the different cartridges? That way I can make my headache go away and finally go buy me a friggin' gun before the elk season starts.

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Caliber comparisons

Here is a link to a ballistics chart on the Remington site. As you will see, there is also a comparison area where you input the calibre and compare to another. Your father is right though, you can't beat the 30-06 to fit what you are looking for on a budget.


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Caliber comparisons

If you want facts with no opinions look up stats on the manufacturers websites....

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