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BVAC Ammo- Bitterroot Valley

Can anyone provide information about BVAC ammo?  Is is good quality hunting ammo or something to use for target/zeroing in?

Thank you for information.


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I have not yet tried it

I have not yet tried it myself but have read some good reviews from a lot of guys, at least on the plinking handgun stuff. I will be trying some soon as they have some of the best prices out there on 10mm and .41 magnum ammo.

I pretty much only use premium ammo for hunting and plan to stick with the results I already know there.

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Colorado Buck's TV show uses

Colorado Buck's TV show uses it on thier show, and i seen them nock down some realy big Red Stag.

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Bitterroot Valley ammo

Seems to be a good value for the price.

I didn't get the tightest groups of anything I have used but better than acceptable.  They were good.

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BVAC ammo

Thanks for the information.  There is no cheap way to practice using a .300WSM so I was thinking of buying some of these cartridges for practice then reloading them.

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