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Burris laser scope Eliminator

Has anyone tried out the new scope burris came out with ?The one that has range finder and bullet compensator all together?It looks kinda big and bulky,but they may have something with the eliminator. 

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I have not tried it out or

I have not tried it out or even seen it. I think I might have heard about it though. Is this the scope that actually adjusts the reticle depending on the range so that you don't have to do anything? Or does it just have an internal range finder and some sort of ballistic plex reticle. Either way it sounds pretty crazy. I am always amazed at the technology that keeps popping up. At some point, as hunters we are going to have to take a stand and let the companies know that we don't necessarily want to have our equipment do everything for us. I'm not necessarily saying we are there yet just that I can see a day in the near future where it could just be rediculous.