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I bought a new 7mm-08. I didn't do any research on this caliber before purchase. (dumb move, I know) I zeroed the scope and got everything right. Then I bought a box of Fusion 140 grain bullets. I have shot 2 deer with this gun/bullet combo. The 1st 1 hit the ground, rolled, jumped and ran about 65 yards. No blood or anything, I just happened to find him. the 2nd 1 fell straight to the ground, jumped up and ran off. He went 75 yards before I found blood. Then as fast as the blood trail appeared, it vanished. We walked 20 acres of land looking for this deer. We even brought the tracking dogs out to no avail. There is only 3 possibilities: 1) the caliber isn't right- 2) the bullet isn't up to par- 3) I'm just a bad shot. I've got too many years and too many deer for it to be #3. I can't find anything wrong with the caliber (I've done a ton of research since the purchase) for it to be #1. Could it be #2? Maybe the bullet is not expanding like it should? Anybody else shooting Fusions? Problems? It really has me rethinking the caliber. 

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I do not know much about the

I do not know much about the Fusion loads.  Which bullet were you shooting out of them?  I can tell you that the 7mm.08 is plenty enough gun for deer and shouls drop the where they stand.  My guess would be the the same as you concluded that the bullet did not expand, or the rare ocasion that your shot was just right to pass thru the deer without hitting any vitals...seen it happen before.

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According to their website,

According to their website, Fusions are a combination of bullets. They are fused (read core-lokt), boattail design, and have a small hollow point to help on expansion. The bullet is made by speer, and use federal cartridges. Oh, and they are endorsed by the great Brock Lesner, so they have to be the best, right? Anyway, I bought a box of Winchester power points and ballistic silvertips. Never had a problem from the power points, and my future inlaws swear by the silvertips. But, we'll see what happens in the near future hopefully. 

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While I have no idea what

While I have no idea what Fusion ammo is, if I where you, I'd take a hard look at Hornady's Superformance GMX loaded ammunition.  Cost would be similiar to that of the winchester ballistic silver tips, but performance would most likely far exceed the winchester ammo.  The caliber's right and it sounds like you're doing you're part, so, that only leaves the bullet.  I reload now, but when I shot factory loads, dad always told me to spend the extra few dollars and go with premium ammo.

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It doesn't sound like the

It doesn't sound like the bullet. Where did the one you recovered take the shot? Animals hit in the lungs that go down don't generally get up again. Now with a heart shot they often do, run off aways and fall down. Your second deer didn't get recovered. Sorry but that sounds like a bad shot.

I have no experience with factory ammo in recent history and have never shot a 7-08. One of my favorite cartridges though is the 7x57, awful close to the 7-08. You don;t need a premium bullet in either, velocity isn't so high it would tear up the bullet. If the bullet is a HP as someone said, the point could be closing and you'd have the effect of a solid. But with a good shot, the deer still would mhave died, perhaps without much blood trail.

No nice way to say this but I'd rule out 1 and 2. For whatever reason you got a couple bad shots. Could there have been any brush in the way that might have defected the bullet?

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1st deer- shot right behind

1st deer- shot right behind the shoulder, through the lungs and out the other side. Approx-125 yards.

2nd deer- High behind the shoulder, through the lung, coming out the bottom (guessing). Approx 20 yards with me 20 ft high in the stand. So the bullet went in high and had to come out the bottom and hit the ground. Where I found blood looked like like a sacrificial spot. Bright red with bubbles indicative of a clean through the lungs shot.

I would rule out the caliber also, and I have made bad shots before. But I've made those shots before with the deer dropping where they stood with other ammo. I've made shots where they have ran off also, but not more than 50 yards and I followed a blood trail right up to where they were. I bought a box of power points and a box of silvertips. If that doesn't do it, I will be pulling the .270 back out because I've only lost 2 deer in 15 years with that 1.

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I used the fusions once

I used the fusions once beforeand didnt really care for them, i shot a deer at 75yrds and had a similar reaction, i did recover the deer but it ran 120yrd, with all the rest of the ammo I've used they either drop or run 50yrds or less. and this was out of a 30-06 with 165gr bullet. I now use 180gr wichester xp-3's and havent had an issue yet.

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A similar problem is supposed

A similar problem is supposed to happen to the barnes x bullets on occasion.  The hollow point is supposed to plug up and make the bullet act like a FMJ.  I still think you are dealing with a dead deer but small holes can plug up quickly allowing the deer a little more fight than normal and if, in the heat of the moment, you searched for the deer too soon, it could have got it's sescond wind and go a long ways.  Still a dead deer running but he doesn't know that yet.  Not saying that is what happened but it is possible.  It is hard to speculate without the animal as evidence but I can assure you the caliber is bang-on as a great deer caliber.

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