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Bullet of your choice

What is your bullet of choice for these big animals?

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Bullet of your choice

I used 180 gr. nosler partitions in the past but am working on a batch of barnes triple shock that should work well.

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Bullet of your choice

I use 180 grain bearclaws

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Bullet of your choice

I use a 150 gr. nosler partition out of a 7 mag,no prblrm taking deer,antelope,elk,bear and lion with it,great allaround load for Montana.

Bullet of your choice

I have used the famed .270 Winchester on my first moose hunt over 40 years ago! However, I soon graduated to the Ole Soldier, the 30-06 with a 180 grain Winchester silvertip bullet . Nowdays, I just take a .416 Remington mag with a 350 grain Swift A Frame bullet, as it will penetrate from stem to stern on a moose. It is also a good feeling in ones hands when you know there are bear in the area.

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Bullet of your choice

210 gr.Nosler Partition out of my Win.Model 70 .338 Win.Mag. 8)

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Re: Bullet of your choice

Well in my dad's 270 win it's a 150 grain barnes x (this has accounted for three moose I have seen, all one shot kills), my 7mm RSAUM a 175 Swift A-Frame doing 2800 and the 300 RUM with a 180 Swift Scirocco doing 3450 (bear load is a 200 grain Barnes TSX doing 3200). When I am backing up anyone and not hunting I carry the 350 rem mag with either 225 barnes XLC's doing 2700 or the 250 barnes x's doing 2500 (especially if there are bears around).

Bullet of your choice

Reuben, first off I just wish to say, YOU keep hitting those books hard OK.

I love the choice of rifle calibers, the 350 mag will sure do the trick on moose or elk and any bear that happens buy while dressing out that moose too.

I myself favor the Swift A Frames or "Bear Claws" as well on real big game like moose or elk.

However, recent tests have shown those Nosler Accubond to be the best of both worlds in shooting long range and staying together at short ranges under the blast of a big magnum such as those RUM'S.

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Bullet of your choice

I use 300 gr Partion PP (Marlin 1895 GS, 45-70).


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Bullet of your choice

.30-06 with "stock" 180gr Federal bullets.
Federal Premium loaded with 180gr Nosler Partitions.

.338 Win Mag with factory Federal Premium 250gr Nosler Partition and handloaded 225gr Nosler Partitions. I use 67grs IMR-4350 with the 225 Noslers and avg. just over 2800fps MV.

About the same time I bought my .338 and started using it for moose, I got into handloading. Now my .30-06 is reserved for deer hunting and I load it with 165gr Hornady BTSP & IB for deer (58grs IMR-4350 = 2850fps MV). Anyway, I never shot a moose with handloads out of my .30-06.

I intend to shoot my next moose with my .416 Rem Mag. Not because you need a .416 for moose, just because I want the practice. Gonna use that rifle on a Cape Buffalo some of these years. A moose would be good practice... and a black bear... maybe an elk...

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Bullet of your choice

Best bullet for accuracy in my 06, 180 Sierra Prohunter. Use that or the 180 Partition.

In 375 i like the Sierra 300 Boattail.

In 416 I like the 400 grain Partition or the 400 grain Kodiak bonded.

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