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Bullet choice

I have always shot Remingtons core lokt thru my Ruger 7mag and have no problems with them. I am very curious as to the make of bullet that you shoot thru your rifle and WHY? I know people that shoot only Rems. I have thought of purchasing other brands for my Ruger but have not due to Rems shooting just fine. I would like your opinion on the bullet you shoot and why you shoot that over another. Thanks for reading and your thoughts.Confused

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Bullet choice

I am shooting my Reminton Sendero 7MM RUM. I shoot the 139gr Hornady Interbonds 1) They shoot VERY well 2) They hold together at the very high speeds and 3) I have never had a problem with them.

If the round you are shooting is shooting well I would not change a thing.

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Bullet Choice

My '06 eats Barnes TSX 180 gr bullets, usually factory loads from ElDorado. In the rifle they are accurate & I KNOW that they'll do the job on an animal, every time. I've used corlokts in another rifle - again an '06 - & they worked fine but they're not as accurate in the rifle I use now. Kinda think all these new wonder bullets sell for the same reason that camoflage is so popular - good marketing. The elk you shot with your corlokts was just as dead as mine was with the barnes.

Then again, it's just one more reason we're blessed to be American. We can use and try different bullets (and guns for that matter) simply because we can and that's good enough for me.

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The bullet is a pretty

The bullet is a pretty competitive market place, and just about all now days are pretty good if applied right.

It was once stated the "energy expands the bullet and  penetration kills",,,I tend to agree with this.

You can develope lots of energy with a light bullet, but it may not penetrate enough for a quick clean kill. I know some like the thought of a bullet comming to a stop just under the hide on the off-side. While this type of performance does and has worked, most of the energy/shock was dumped in the first few inches, often creating alot of bloodshot meat if you happen to be within inches of the shoulder.  There is no such thing as the perfect bullet in my mind, as there is compromise in all things it seems. I want a bullet to open  abit slower to reduce bloodshot, and have the SD penetrate deep, and exit. The reason being, is that momentum generates that hydrostatic shock to the system all the through the animal along its path, rather than a bullet dumping all the momentum in the first few inches then comming to a halt. Both methods in performance do and have worked, I just prefer the later. I also tend to use alil more SD/ bullet weight than what is considered normal. I don't believe there is anything like "over penetration". But a light bullet, may not penetrate enough in some senarios that could come about. 

I haven't had a chance really evaluate the newer bonded's personally, nor some of the newer monolithic's,,,I certainly want to try them just to know myself. But my "go to bullet" has and will be the Nosler Partition

So I think, it's more important to use enough sectional density of a given caliber with the bullet choice. 



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If I am hand loading, I

If I am hand loading, I prefer Swift Sirrocco bullets for most any big game I hunt (deer & bear). I am loading a Nosler Partition for my .260 Remington.

In factory ammo, I really like the Federal Fusion ammo both for price and performance. I have used the fusion ammo to take both a deer and a bear.

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I shoot the Nosler

I shoot the Nosler Accubonds.  I shoot them out of all my guns.  I get great groups and the bullets holds together very well.  I shot a cow elk at 355 yards and had a complete pass thru.  From that day forward I have shoot them and they have not let me down.

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Bullet choice

Well, I shoot different bullets and weights depending what it is I'm after, also in different guns/calibers depending on my mood as well.

A long time ago in the gun I use most often (Browning 30'06) I bought a couple of boxes of about a half dozen diiferent kinds to shoot at the range to see which was most consistant and best groupings. In my case the Federal Premium with a Nosler Partition was best, so that is what I use; primarily for Elk with good results. I have also used the Nosler ballistic tip for deer with success, as my son has in his 7mm-08.

I have been wanting to do the same thing with some newer bullet types since then, but haven't gotten around to it. Basically, what groups best in a given rifle, and works, is what I use and why.

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I shoot 160 gr accubonds out

I shoot 160 gr accubonds out of my 7mm, but I shoot accubonds and sierra gamekings out of my other rifles-depending on the rifle.

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I've been shoothing the

I've been shoothing the Barnes bullets for about 10 years now out of just about all of my rifles.  With them being copper bullet they hold together better than any other bullet that I have seen and their performance on game animals is second to none. 

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Critter, do you notice any

Critter, do you notice any more copper fouling shooting the barnes as compared to other bullets? How often do you clean your rifle during the season? I've always been told the barnes bullets leave more fouling than other bullets. I would try the barnes if this isn't the case.

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I am not real particular

I am not real particular about my ammo. The area I hunt I might get a max shot distance of about 60 yds. I use a Savage 270 with 130gr ammo. I usually grab corelokt as well. At the distances I have to work with the grade of ammo has not made much difference for me. Dead is dead at 60yds. Now, if I get to field hunt or other long ranges I certainly will be a little more particular. I am planning on reloading fairly soon so I will probably go with Nosler Partitions. Just my $0.02 though.

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