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Buffalo County, WI www.huntbuffalocounty.com

Buffalo County Trophy Whitetail Hunting (http://www.huntbuffalocounty.com)
Come on in and take a look at the very first website to strictly offer hunting opportunities in Buffalo County, WI. As avid Trophy Whitetail hunter's ourselves, we appreciate all that hunting has to offer. We are also aware of the enjoyment and excitement that a quality hunt can provide. Nothing gets a heart pounding more than seeing a mature, trophy whitetail coming down the trail towards you. This is what originally drew us to our first hunt in Buffalo County. On that hunt, we saw more bucks in one week, than in all our years of hunting....combined. The size and quantity of the deer was like something out of our dreams. From that point on we were hooked. We have hunted the bluffs of Buffalo County for many years and have met many, many people who share the same love for these magnificent animals. It has always been our dream to help others experience a true trophy whitetail deer hunt, in this truly breathe taking environment. As a result of this dream, we teamed up with local land owners and
outfitters in an effort to offer these hunts to other Trophy whitetail hunters like you.

Thus, Buffalo County Whitetail Adventures was born. We are booking agents, specifically offering hunts in the rolling hills of Buffalo County Wisconsin. Here we offer hunters the opportunity to hunt Trophy Whitetail Deer on some of the most productive land in the world. Did you know that more P&Y and B&C bucks are harvested from Buffalo County than anywhere else? We have several, different hunting options so we are able to accommodate you with a hunt that meets your needs. Whether you’re looking
for a fully guided, 5000 acre, big woods hunt, or a small do-it-yourself hunt on 200 acres, we have a hunt that is right for you.

All of the outfitters and landowners we work with take limited numbers of hunters to
ensure a quality hunt. The properties we book for are strictly managed for free roaming TROPHY whitetails, with no fenced in areas. We have over 8000 acres in Buffalo County that we book for, so we are able to meet everyone's needs. Best part of all... there are no costs to the hunter for our services.

If you've dreamed of hanging that Trophy buck on the wall then you've come to the right place. Contact Buffalo County Whitetail Adventures to see how to turn that dream hunt into a reality.

Location: Wisconsin
Joined: 03/08/2009
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Re: Buffalo County, WI www.huntbuffalocounty.com

Still have archery rut hunts and gun hunts left.

Jay Kolodziej
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