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can you shoot buckshot through a turkey barell? if so do i need a certain choke?

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It shouldn't hurt anything at all. As far as choke goes its something you have to play with to find out. I usually like to shoot a modified choke with buckshot but thats just my gun.

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If your talking about the backbored or overbored barrel buckshot will not hurt those. As for turkey extra full choke tubes I think if you look most of them say not to shoot shot much bigger than #2 (actual size varies depending on who made it). I would bet that a extra full choke would most likely blow you pattern. You will probably get your tightest patterns with a modified or improved modified. I would grab a couple of boxes of your favorite buck shot and some carbord and give it a try. I would try a few shot through each of your choke tube and see what shoot best.


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