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Buckmasters/BADF Banquet

I am with the Buckmasters American Deer Foundation and I am looking for people to start a chapter in their area to host a banquet and help with conservation of our hunting heritage. The profits a banquet make get to stay in the area (less the overhead costs). The banquets have raffles, give-aways, and an auction that include guns, numerous prints, and other items. If you or anyone you know are interested in the great chance to help the hunting community in your area contact me at [email protected] or to see what the BADF is about and a sample of the banquet package go to http://www.badf.org.

Thank You
Chris Blackledge

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Buckmasters/BADF Banquet

if you are looking for a hall to setup a lot of things, in green bay wisconsin their is a place called "shopko hall" were a lot of sportmens shows are held such as the all canda show. if you would like to contact them im sorry i dont know how but its in green bay and you may be able to find it if you call green bays information or something

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