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Buck Rubs

I was elk hunting this weekend on a late season cow hunt and I was walking down a treeline. There was about 20 ft christmas trees on the left and 100 yr old timber on right. In between there was about a 20 yd line of alder trees. All the way down the canyon. I found about 25 - 30 buck rubs. These rubs ranged from really old to this year very fresh. There was fresh tracks everywhere. Do you think this buck is bow huntable and is he probbly a big buck or not. How often do you think he would return to this rub line.
Thanx for any help or opinions

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Buck Rubs

Yes, he is huntable with a bow. I would try to set up a tree stand on both sides of this trail, some distance apart to accomodate and change in wind direction.
Some trail cams would be great for patterning.
I would also use alot of doe urine as well as a little buck urine.

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