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A buck known as Dewey

Dewey first came about during the late winter of 06' when he showed up on my trail cams.  He wasn't anything special, just an average 1 1/2 year old buck, but he had prominent white patches above his hooves that would prove to make him easy to identify the following year.

The following year I captured multiple photo's of him on the game cam and passed him up one evening during early November.  He was showing some pretty impressive headgear as a 2 1/2 year old and I had high hopes of him making it to an older age class to really realize his potential.


The following year Dewey really blew up, in both body size and headgear.  He sported a 6x6 frame with tall brows.  He looked like a well primed race horse as had become quiet visible, frequenting the same areas of the farm on a regular basis.  I had set my sights on another more mature deer but still kept tabs on him as I wanted to learn all I could of his habits to help me get the drop on him if he made it through another year of hunter pressure and what turned out to be a really hard winter on the local deer herd.

I was excited the following spring to hear that a co-worker had found one of his sheds, and that he would have taped out to about 160" in 2008.  The summer of 09' found me spending an incredible amount of time behind the spotting scope watching Dewey come out to his favorite bean field.  I never really ran my camera during the summer because I didn't need confirmation of what I already knew.  During the previous years I had narrowed his bedding areas down to four different points that come off of a main ridge.  I figured that he was using these different points depending on what the wind was doing that particular day.  He showed up like clockwork to the beans and alfalfa every night and I was definitely overconfident that he'd be taking a ride in my truck on opening night of our archery season.

To make a long story short a bumper crop of acorns fell the week before the opener, and I opted to not go after him aggressively, which I now look back on as a mistake.  I seen him twice early in the pre-rut but never could get him within bowrange.  I rarely run my cameras during the season, but out of frustration I set my camera where I knew he'd show.  I managed one photo that was blocked by weeds, and one photo that will always remind me of the awesome times I had chasing this deer.  In the end another hunter killed him as he chased a doe past his stand in Early November.  I was dejected but at the same time happy for him, it's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.  This deer taught me more about mature bucks than I had learned in my 17 years of prior hunting experience, and I feel priviledged to have had a chance to match wits with him.  Here's the parting photos of Dewey as a 4 1/2 year old.

augvelvet.JPG1.45 MB
deweymugshot.JPG1.36 MB
deweyprofile.JPG1.27 MB
Dewey.JPG1.29 MB
dewey10-1-09.JPG1.56 MB
dewey10-4.JPG1.38 MB
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Even though it's sad that

Even though it's sad that another hunter got him, I would feel privelaged just to lay eyes on a deer of that caliber.  Never seen anything close.  Nice photos.......

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