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Browning A-bolt

I just bought a Browning A-bolt stainless stalker (.270 win) a couple weeks ago, and from looking at a variety of guns, i thought the A-bolt was a pretty decent choice. A little "spendy" but very light and the quality is there.

I have heard from my friends that the A-bolt is a great gun and definately a good choice, but my question is...what do you think. I just want to see if everyone agrees or have people had problems that i should know about. It's still a virgin, haven't had it out in the woods yet, just want your opinion.

Thanks Tim

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Browning A-bolt

I have an a-bolt in .30-06 and love it. It's a great gun that shoots most all ammunition really well. By "really well," I mean that 3/4" groups at 100 yards are possible with several varieties of factory ammunition.

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Browning A-bolt

I own an A-bolt composite stalker(blued barrel and synthetic stock) I love it. Shoots great groups with remington core-lokts

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Browning A-bolt

My brother has one in .300 mag and loves it. I've never heard anything bad about the A-bolt.

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Browning A-bolt

I baught A-bolt medallion in 7mm rem mag,w/boss....very sweet rifle, i have no complaints what so ever.lil loud but thats ok, groups sweet. just all around sweet. i do believe you will be happy with yours.

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A bolt

I hunted with a friend who owned an A Bolt chambered in 308 Winchester which showed just how very accurate it was when we did some impromptu target shooting. I have an A Bolt in 22 Winchester Magnum that is a great shooter.

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No offense

I can promise you L.C. that no harm is meant in this post. But you might want to check a post's original date, before responding. This happens here, especially it seems with those wanting "points", but a post that started 8 years ago is not (perhaps) the best to answer. No problem, no foul, and I hope no offense taken. Hope your Thanksgiving was a GREAT one!!  Thumbs up

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Browning A-bolt

I have owned a A-bolt 7mm mag stainless stalker that I bought in 1995 and I have several other rifles it is still my favorite one I just killed a 30" mule deer with it one shot thats all. Right out of the box shot 1' group. I have never had any problems with that rifle shoot and enjoy.

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