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Browning Barracuda Bowfishing Combo!!! Price Reduced $200

For Sale!!! $200.00!!!. THAT'S ALMOST HALF PRICE!!!! Shot only a coule of times. Nothing hit w/ it. Nice sharp tip on Arrow. Pics upon request. It needs to go fast. Trade is possible. I will accept Reasonable offers!

The ultimate bowfishing bow. The Browning Barracuda, with the matched combination of the constant draw weight HyperMax and lightweight bow design you'll be "on the water" all day long.

Ready to Fish? This package includes eveything you need to get started. If your ready, the barracuda is ready.

Constant draw Hypermax Cam performance for the BEST results in any bowfishing situation
At only 32" axle-to-axle you will have plenty of room to maneuver
The Barracuda can be "snap-shot" just like a recurve bow
Smooth and constant draw weight
One Barracuda will fit everyone in the boat (but you will surely want your own)
New AquaFlage film dip finish
The Barracuda bow will also accept most standard archery accessories for backyard shooting fun

Combo Package Details
Barracuda Bow
AMS Reel with Line
2 Bowfishing Arrows
AMS Wave Roller Rest
Everything you need to start bowfishing

WEIGHT 2.6 lbs
DRAW LENGTHS out to 30"
WEIGHT ADJUSTABILITY 40# (adjustable from 30 to 40)

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browning baracuda

do you still have the bow for sale