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Browning BAR.....7MM REM MAG ..Lightweight stalker/Safari

According to Brownings website, the 7mm rem mag BAR STALKER has a Magazine capacity of 4 while the Safari 7mm rem mag has only 3.

The Browing catalog that all the retailers carry says they both only have magazine capacity of 3

Is there a special clip with the 7mm REM Stalker that holds 4 rounds?

Does anyone have good information on this?...no one has given me a concrete answer..??

Thank you

Brian K
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Browning BAR.....7MM REM MAG ..Lightweight stalker/Safari

Well, let me just make this one small correction first. Clips are what the military uses to load the magazine of military firearms (box magazines, that is) through the receiver port in most cases. Browning BARs have a detachable box magazine, and for 7mm magnum cartridges only hold 3 rounds in the magazine, plus one in the chamber is you are so inclined. I've never seen a BAR or A-Bolt configured otherwise, and the BAR stalker is supposed to use the same magazine as any other BAR model, so I'd say three is the magic number.

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