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I have booked a black bear hunt for this fall in Ontario. I will be bowhunting, and my question is: I use Spitfire 100 gr. expandable broadheads, and have great results on deer size game. Is this enough broadhead for blackbear?

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It's just my personal preferance but I would never use an expandable for a bear or anything larger than a deer. I just got some 125 gr Montechs made by G5. I am extremely impressed. I did have to touch them up coming out of the box but they are scary sharp and they are exreamly well made. I can't wait to see how they perfom in the field.

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Alaskahunter nailed it so I have nothing to add to that.
100 gr is too small for bears You might get the job done but there is some risk involved when shooting a bear with 100 gr,, I have used Montec G5, 125 gr Thunderhead, RM Titanium 125 and also 140 gr failasfe.. all are great, it just come down to personal preference, my choice is Titanium

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IMO, after having guided many bear hunters I would say that expandible BH's are a distant second to fixed blade.

A high % of bears we have lost have been with exp. B/H's.

However, if you you not wish to change than only take a perfectly broadside animal and forget any quartering shots. They perform sub-standard on quartering shots.

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