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Broadhead flight question

few things first. pretty new to archery, first year shooting and leaving for first bow hunt in about a week and a half. my bow was tuned at a pro shop about a week ago, started with paper tune and got it shooting right. i shoot a Hoyt Charger at 63lbs with Easton Axis 340 carbon arrows, about 30.5" draw length (im 6'5"). anyways, on with it...


when i switched to broadheads a while back to prep for this hunt i noticed they were fishtailing. went to the shop, got the bow tuned and things were back to good again. im shooting Solid Broadheads and they are impacting exactly where my field points are at 20yds. have not had a chance to shoot farther yet, but i will tomorrow.


every now and then, i still think theres a little fishtail. i cant be sure, i only see it when im taking dead aim at the target. if i draw, center my aim on the target, and then open both eyes and look beyond the sight and just focus on the arrow flight, so not worrying about actual point of impact, it looks good. but when im looking through the sight and take aim and release, it still looks a little fishy. but there is zero change in point of impact between the field points the broadhead (at least at 20yds right now)


anyone experienced this? at this point, i could be in my own head about it since im so worried about it happening. not sure if its just the noise the broadhead makes and seeing the colorful fletches spin or what. 

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Here's a few things that came

Here's a few things that came to mind when reading your post...

1) Bow torque. Fixed blade broadheads will magnify any shooting for errors, good tuning will minimize the amount it magnifies though. It sounds like you are pretty well tuned and have a good setup if you are still grouping bh's with fp's.

2) Tuning. Paper tuning is only step one for me in the tuning process and you can keep digging deeper to really hone everything in on perfect. Of course you can only tune a bow to that degree if your form is perfect. Lookup walkback tuning, french tuning, broadhead tuning (greater than 20 yards, 40+ if possible)

3) Your description of opening both eyes to watch arrow flight and all seems somewhat fishy to me. If you do anything outside of your typical shot procedure, you are likely to torque the bow or change your release. I'd rather have a trained eye watch your arrow flight for you and you focus on the shooting.

4) You're psyching yourself out. I think my bow sounds like a 22-250 when i shoot but i get compliments about how quiet it is. I think my bow could be tuned better, but in reality it is probably tuned beyond my abilities. 

Final thought... The proof is in the pudding. If broadheads are hitting with field points out to whatever range you tell yourself that you are comfortable shooting, dont worry about it. Fishtailing is cleared up real quick after the arrow leaves the bow and if it still achieves point of impact, animals will die.

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i appreciate the response,

i appreciate the response, some good advice there. i paper tuned my bow at the shop when it was in, and it was leaving bullet holes, so i feel pretty confident. you could be right, i might just be psyching myself out. i should know more tomorrow after going to this 3d range in Conifer. 

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With it being this close to

With it being this close to the season and if your broadheads are shooting to your point of aim at the ranges that you plan to shoot at I wouldn' worry about it this year.  Now if there is a problem I would get it corrected before I started shooting next year. 

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I agree on what Critter said,

I agree on what Critter said, if your arrows are flying to your point of aim with the broadheads on them then don't mess with them this year. 

I started my archery season last weekend and between school and my kids school I haven't had much time to really get out except for in the early mornings last weekend. 

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COgunmoney, I use to shoot fixed blades that had 3 blades, I found out if you got the blades in line with the veins that helps to do this you just heat the glue on the tip insert and twist it until it is line. That being said I also would consider trying expandables they make some really good ones. I have used grim reapers and rage with great results with both. People are sceptical of them but don't be I have droped elk with 40 yard shots and the furthest they have ran is a 100 yards and they leave a larger hole then a fix blade. They shoot so much more accurate that you are able to place a better shot. The rage also comes with a practice tip this will keep you from dulling your hunting blades.

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