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Bring 4 and 5th is FREE South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

South Dakota Pheasant Hunting at Little River Pheasant Hunts. You can view our webpage at

Bring a party of five and only pay for four people's hunts. Our prices are as good as anyone in the state.

We guarantee you will have a hunt of your life. As far as pheasants go in famous Brown County in South Dakota, we are in the thick of it.

When you are done Pheasant Hunting we will be happy to take you up into the hill country, well as many hills as South Dakota has and hunt Sharptail's if you like. There are also plenty of Hungarian Partridge mixed in.

There is a new lodge with every comfort of home. Of course if you like to really ruff it we can always pitch a tent for you in back by the dog kennels.

Bring you dogs or hunt behind ours, it makes no difference. We have all wild bird hunting and preserve hunting available. Our preserve hunting is still shooting well over 90% wild birds.

If you would like more info give me a call at 605-262-0844 or my cell is 605-228-9012.

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