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Thinking about purchasing a new scope but am unsure of what to get. Any ideas?

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It depends.  How far will you

It depends.  How far will you shoot?  What kind of gun will it be on?  How much do you want to spend?

Heck, just look at the prizes for the competition this month.  you could get a Nikon for over $1000, or you could spend 10 times less and get that Bushnell trophy.  If you are just hunting the woods of New York, and you want to use a basic .308, 30-06, maybe even a 30-30, I'd stick with the Bushnell.  The only concern I have up there, as I have grown up hunting Vermont, is the weather and the effect on optics.  It's nice to have something with some anti-fog protecting.  Nothing like bringing the gun up to shoot, breathing heavily cause of buck fever, and looking into a fogged up scope.  For northeast hunting, nothing more than a 3-9 X 40 is really needed.

If you are hutning big game out west, and might be taking 300-400 yard shots, you might want one of the Nikons, or a Swarovski, Burris, or Leupold.  A nice 4-12 would be good out here.

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CA posted a lot of good

CA posted a lot of good information. I won't repeat it but will try to add to it.  Your scope is as important, if not more important than your rifle itself so buy the very best scope that you can.  I have Nikons and a Leupold. I like the Leupold the best, but the Nikon costs a little less and is a very good scope.

In addition to the brand, you'll need to think about the magnification.  Where and what you hunt will help determine how much magnification you'll need.  I think my Leupold is a 4 x 16.  I like the extra magnification and have shot animals as close as 25 yards so have a 4 power as the lowest setting is not a problem.

Good luck and do some research, narrow it down and then ask some more questions about the ones you're thinking about.

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outdoorsman121 wrote:

Thinking about purchasing a new scope but am unsure of what to get. Any ideas?


Get the best scope you can afford.