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Bowtech Diamond bows

Has anyone had any problem with or any complaints about this brand of bow or the company? Looking to buy a new one this summer, oh goodie!!!, and I am not sure of the brand to buy. This brand looks nice, but I have not handled one yet, just curious

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Bowtech Diamond bows

Bowtech makes some very respectable bows.
I've favored the Martin's and over the years have been the proud owner of 5. Currently I'm shooting a Slayr and a Phantom. This Slayr feels like it was built around me and very quick. The Phantom is a small, light and quick treestand shooter that I also use as a back-up.
If I ever decide to change brands. There is no doubt that I would be shooting the Bowtech. Very nice.

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Diamond bows

This is a bit of a late response. Haven't visited in a while. I purchased a Diamond Rapture last year. I absolutely love it. No problems at all. Very light, a decent brace hight for the overall hight. Very smooth and acurate. (Even for me lol)
I think a very good bow for the $$$$. Good luck Thumbs up

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Bowtech Diamond bows

I am a big fan of bowtech. I am on my second bow from them and have the Patriot. They do not make this bow anymore, but I have several friends buy the tomcat. Between 6 of us that hunt together, 5 of us have bowtechs and we all have been very happy about the product. Go to their website and read up on the different bows.

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