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Bow vs Rifle Hunting In My View....

1. Pros-Bow Hunting: Bow hunters definitely don't have the crowd that rifle hunters have to deal with. Bow hunters rarely see anyone else and being surprised if they do happen upon another bow hunter. Your chances of seeing bigger and more animals increases by 3 times. During the bow season elk and mule deer tend to stay out longer during the morning and come out earlier in the evenings increasing your odds for success. Hunting with a bow requires skill on many levels therefore making it more rewarding in a bow hunters eyes. The weather is better during this season.

2. Cons-Bow Hunting: Bow hunting is difficult. Your percentage for success is much lower than a rifle hunter. Bow equipment is more expensive than a rifle equipment. It can be very frustrating at times, I've talked to bow hunters who have spent all day stalking a trophy buck only to get within 70 yards and have the deer catch wind of the hunter and they vanish like a fart in the wind.

1. Pros-Rifle Hunting: Shooting a rifle through a scope at long range is fun and can be challenging especially if you've got buck fever. Your success for harvesting an animal increases greatly because of the distance the rifle has that the bow doesn't. Rifle hunting doesn't take as much practice as a bow does. It's cheaper and more people can enjoy and go rifle hunting. The leaves have fallen off the trees making it easier to see the game from longer distances.

2. Cons-Rifle Hunting: Lots of people. Last year I counted 50 trucks coming into the mountain where I was hunting mule deer. Luckily I was already sitting in my position when the rest of the hunters started up the hill. The weather can be horrible and nasty. Many hunters love the cold, snowy, freezing weather because it brings out the deer however some people beg to differ.


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Great post!!  I love to hunt

Great post!!  I love to hunt with both methods.  I too love the challenge with my bow, butbat the same time it can be a challenge with a gun also!!

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Well said! I agree with most

Well said!

I agree with most of what you stated, however my success rate is actually much better with a bow than with a rifle.  The last two wisconsin rifle season's I haven't even squeezed the trigger, and I've killed two bucks and three doe's during the last two archery seasons. 

What I love about archery is that I'm hunting the deer on their terms.  They come in on their own free will, rather than being pushed by the orange army.  The quiet solitude of bowhunting is something that I cherish and have never experienced during our rifle season.  Rifle season for myself is a great family tradition and it brings everyone together for good food, tall tales, cold beer, and hopefully some meat for the freezer.  I guess I see rifle season as more or less family time, compared to archery which for me is about me vs. the deer.

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Bow vs Rifle Hunting In My View....

Can't really argue with much of that, LOL. I enjoy doing both, with the edge going to bowhunting for sure. I have learned a great deal more about hunting and game using the bow as well.

I even throw some handgun hunting in there at times, and if I had a smoke-pole would do that for sure as well.