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Bow Sites

I am currently using a 5 pin copper john site. My pins are set at 15 yds, 20 yds, 25 yds, 30 yds and 40 yds. Am I going to see much drop if I spread the distance between each pin at 10 yds? I was thinking of going 15, 20, 30, 40 and 50 yds given some distance on several deer I have seen but not able to shoot because I didn't want to use kentucky windage. I have peg a 2x2 square at 60 yards on a consistently basis.

Am I going to give up to much by switching to the second configuration? By the way, should I increase my draw weigh? It is currently at 55 lbs 75% Let off.


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Bow Sites

i dunno about the bow but deffinetly drop the distance

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Bow Sites

Mybow is set at 15yds, 30 yds, and 45 yds. I can hit my targets consistently. You just have to remember that at 45 yds and beyond it takes longer for the arrow to arrive and the deer have a tendency to jump or hit the deck.

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Bow Sites

When I went to carbon arrows. I also replaced the site. The replacement site came with 5 fiber optic pins. When I sited in I utilized all 5 pins because, they were there and it would have been a hassle to alter. I ended up setting them at 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 yds. because, i don't shoot farther than 50 yds. and I couldn't get them any closer together without obstructing my view.
It works very well for me. Especially with the multi-colored fiber optics. There isn't very much space between each site but, there is enough to see the target.

I have the bow set to 60 lbs. with a 65 % let off. We have a reg in Wa. that states a 6gr per lb. minimum, 65% let off maximum. I try to hug the minimum and throw a 125gr head. Right now I'm throwing about 6.1gr per lb. They fly like a laser beam. The settings on the site pins leave very little to quess work.

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