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bow & broad tip's for bear,bou,& moose

I am going on a ''newfie grand slam'' hunt for black bear, caribou, & moose. I was wandering if any of the ''bow guru's'' would have any advise on what type of bow setup I would need.
I presently shoot a PSE with 60 lbs. draw, 100 grain tip's, with a 1 3/16'' cut dia.
would this be OK, or do I need to get a new bow with more draw weight? It is suggested by outfitter's tha 65 lb. draw is what is needed, but you can shoot a min. draw weight of 55 lbs. for big game in newfoundland, if I read right.

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bow & broad tip's for bear,bou,& moose

I havent hunted game that big with a bow but, I would think that whatever bow you can shoot most comfortably and ACCURETLY would be the best choice. Then again if you are paying a guide they are supposed to know whats best! My thought is though, if you put the arrow in the right spot the game will go down very quickly either way.

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