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'Bout time!

I was finally able to take a decent buck for this season. I was late getting into the woods on sat morning. While walking into a greenfield on a powerline I glassed and saw no deer. The field drops off a large hill and then rises up a small hill and then rises back up a large hill, it would look like a "W" if you looked at it from the side. As I walked down the first side I spotted a buck but couldn't get steady enough to count points or make the shot. So I dropped off the hill and came up the side of the little hill in the middle and spotted him again in the edge of the field and he was outside his ears so I decided to move closer, so I moved almost to the top of the middle hill. I laid down and put my pack in front of me and steadied myself. By this time he was walking quartering-away. I counted points and thought I saw 4 on one side, but I guess it was just the other side showing up. I drew back from his shoulder and made a double lung and broke his front-left shoulder down at about 315 yds with my .270. He dropped in his tracks. He's not my biggest but it was a memorable one none the less.

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'Bout time!

Nice Buck !!!

Congrats bnow

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'Bout time!

Very nice! Congrats! Big smile

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'Bout time!

Very nice buck and a great shot too Thumbs up

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'Bout time!

NIce stalk. Especially late in the season. Thumbs up

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