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Re: fiddle heads
thenail wrote:
Chestergolf How ya doin . Lots of bass in you neck of the woods ???? ... EELS !!!! Man ,I wouldn't waste one of those tasty morsals on a mink . I could eat them til they come out my ears . LOL . Eels are out of this world deliceous ,smoked . Too tasty to use for bait . I use almost all blind sets for otter and very few bait sets for mink . A blind set made right works excellent . I don't eat muskrat or squirrel so I'll give them to the mink ....LOL..... LOL . Eels ,,,,, Smoked or shake N bake for chicken or fish and in the oven YUUUUMMMM ,YUUUUMMMM .

I love them smoked as well(reminds me of smoked mussels), but we have such a quantity of them that I could never eat all I catch. I had no problem catching a couple dozen a night when I'm after them.

We have lots of bass down here. Small mouth are just coming on line and the stripers are starting as well. My kids are crazy about bass fishing but the lake I live on doesn't have bass, only trout, perch, bullhead, (salmon and shad during their runs). A river cuts through our lake to the ocean.

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fiddle heads

I have never tried fishing them at night . I always speared them through the ice in the winter . The Gov .put some regulations on them a few years back . We're only aloud 10 per day and they have to be 20 inches long . The regs are different for inland eel fishing . Still 10 limit but the can be 14 inches min. size.The regs are in the fishing hand book . Now ya got my mouth watering .... LOL......LOL